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Young Preacher #16….from Philadelphia!

We welcome to the Festival of Young Preachers our 16th registrant, Michael Dellig. Hurrah for you, Michael, and we are eager to meet you!

Michael’s story begins in Richmond, Indiana.

A few weeks ago I traveled there to speak with students and professors at the Bethany Theological Seminary. They were so gracious and receptive; I wrote about the experience in a column shortly after it happened. At the conclusion of the class, a student who had heard my presentation called his friend in Pennsylvania, a pastor named Brandon Grady.

About three weeks ago, at 9am on a Saturday morning, Brandon called me. “I have a young man who is preparing for a vocation as a preacher,” he said. “I want to bring him to the Festival in January.”

It was good news to me, of course, and I explained the process. Then Brandon asked: “What is the age range for this Festival for Young Preachers?” Sixteen to twenty-eight years of age, I replied. “That means I am eligible,” he said. Then find a mentor and sign up, I replied. There was a short silence, then he asked: “Does it make any difference that I am blind?” No sir, I said. And a week later Brandon called back and promised to send in two registrations!!

One came in, and while we are waiting on the second, I took an inquiry from Tampa. A young man, a junior at the University of Tampa and an intern at the First Presbyterian Church of Tampa, said to me: “I stumbled upon your web site this morning. Can you tell me about the Festival?”

Again, it was music to my ears and I suspect before the month is out we will receive a Festival registration from this young man from Florida. Did I tell you he just won the Outstanding Student in Speech and Communication award? I will tell you more about him when he completes his paperwork. But I write this much to describe how the Festival, initially conceived and designed as a regional pilot project, is attracting young preachers from all parts of the United States.

Who will be Young Preacher number 17?

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