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Donations through this website or by check mailed to our office constitute one effort by the Academy of Preachers to sustain and expand our mission and programs. We also receive grants from foundations, interest from our AoP reserve fund and endowment, revenue from the sale of items (see the AoP Marketplace), fees from those who attend our events or advertise at our advents, and dues from AoP Members.

Consider making a monthly gift through an automatic bank transfer.  This will make you a member of the Medallion Club and you will receive one of these red-ribbon, silver medallions. One Young Preacher, Mary Alice Birdwhistell, AoP’10, join the Medallion Club this year and wrote this testimony:

“I’m 28-years-old and serving as a full-time associate pastor in Texas.  Since 2010, I’ve had opportunities to preach at several AoP festivals and events in various parts of the country.  I am where I am today, in part, because of the important ways that these experiences have affirmed, encouraged, challenged, and empowered me as a preacher.  Now, I feel like it’s my time to start giving back financially as a monthly-giver to AoP so that other young preachers can continue to have these same opportunities to be inspired in their call to gospel preaching.”

Every dollar given is used for programs for Young Preachers including the National Festival of Young Preachers, the emerging network of Gospel Catalysts, and an expanding network of local, regional and denominational Festivals of Young Preachers. Additional support for the Academy of Preachers is made possible through the Mauney Fund for Preaching Excellence and the Tom Moody Preaching Scholarship.

NOTE All gifts are tax-deductible based upon the letter of non-profit status and tax exemption received in 2013 by the Academy of Preachers from the Internal Revenue Service. Unless otherwise directed by the donor, 15% of each gift is placed in the Academy of Preacher Reserve Fund, which functions as a quasi-endowment for the long term support of the Academy of Preachers. We appreciate your support. Call our office to discuss how your gift can provide a transformational experience for young preachers.