Membership Overview

Welcome to the Academy of Preachers, where our mission is to inspire young people in the call to Gospel Preaching.  Are you ready to join this gospel movement, assume your role of leadership and participation in this great work, and take advantage of AoP member benefits?

There are three categories of Members in the Academy of Preachers. Click on a category below to learn more about how to join:

  • Young Preacher: a young person age 14-35 who is discerning or embracing a call to gospel preaching. This level of membership is required to preach at AoP Festivals. ($25)
  • Ministry Professional: a minister older than 28 who leads and serves Christian people and/or organization. ($100)
  • iPartner (Institutional Partner): a business, congregation, organization, or denomination that supports the AoP mission. ($500)

Memberships must be renewed annually. The membership year is January 1 – December 31.