AoP ’16 Class

At the GREAT AMEN of the 2016 National Festival of Young Preachers, with Dr. Marvin McMickle preaching in the Historic Pleasant Green Missionary Baptist Church of Lexington, Kentucky, these 69 Young Preachers were formally and publically inducted into the Academy of Preachers (being the first time they had preached in a National Festival). They join 512 other Young Preachers who have preached at the first six National Festivals to consecrate themselves to the preaching life via the COVENANT OF GOSPEL PREACHING.


Jordan Abell
Dean Adams
Kendall Adams
Jesse Baize
Brad Biggerstaff
Michelle Butler
Kathina Conley
Andrew Corley
Eric Craft
Keira Dandridge
aJourney deBlessed
Darrell Dennis
Dezo Desauguste
Nathan Diamond
Hannah Foust
Thomas Garner
ColtonĀ  Gonzalez
Megan Grant
Andre’ Grey
Molly Halpin
Emily Hardwick
Tyler Harting
Landon Harting
Robert Hoggard
Zack Imfeld
Retravia Ingraham
Jessica Jenkins
JaParis Key
Dae Shik Kim, Jr.
Derrick Kisita
Angel Lee
Jonathan Lowe
Rachael Martin
Henry Martinez
Hayden McDaniel
Nathaniel Parsley
Ryan Pietrocarlo
Matt Purvis
Aubrey Reichman
A.J. Robinson
John Rogers
Allen Scott
Michelle Shackelford
Rachael Shannon
Tyler Smith
Aaran Taylor
Christian Thurman
Caitlyn Tino
Joseph Vann-Jones
Darcie Wada
Zakary Wallace
Della Walters
Perry Washington, Jr.
Hannah Wehmeyer
Boston White
Kristen Whittaker
Dayton Williams
Richard Williams
Drew Worley


Levon Asdourian
Tonya Brown
Kasin Hamilton
Milton Keys
Ross Kuester
Thomas Reagan
Carlos Reyes-Rodriguez
Aline Silva-Schreiner
Andrew Wellmann
Antoine Wright


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