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“We are half way and more to our goal,” exclaimed AoP President Dwight A. Moody after opening a letter with a $15,000 gift. “Thanks be to God!”

The Inspire ’17 goal is $90,000 given before the end of June. To date, $54,120 has been given or pledged.

“During this critical time,” Moody said, “our chief needs relate to our AoP Day celebration plans.”

AoP Day is June 23, and 10 events are planned around the country, including New York, Atlanta, Dallas, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Louisville, Lexington, and Washington, D.C.

The AoP Team will scatter to these various places, with Ernest Brooks in Atlanta, Winterbourne Jones in D.C. and Indianapolis, Tyler Best in Lexington, Debbie Moody in Louisville, and Dwight A. Moody in Atlanta and St. Louis.

Each site will feature a Young Preacher.

At each AoP Day site a copy of the new book will be given away: Wes Allen, “Preaching in an Age of Trump.”

All AoP day events are free and open to the public, but there will be an appeal for support for the AoP.

“You can support the AoP,” explains Moody, “by joining the AoP, buying an AoP product, preaching at a festival, or making a donation.”

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