Texas Regional Festival of Young Preachers

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary | Austin, TX | October 6, 2018

The Texas Festival of Young Preachers is a trans-denominational, one-of-a-kind event designed to showcase and encourage young people who aspire to be preachers of the Gospel.

A Festival of Young Preachers is not a competition. It is a celebration, an inspiration, an occasion of mutual edification and encouragement. Young preachers, ages 14-35, from every Christian tradition (Evangelical, Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Roman Catholic) are encouraged to preach a 15 minute sermon at the Festival precisely as they would in their home environment: dress, text, voice, style, substance, whatever! This diversity has proven to be one of the most transformational elements about the gathering.

Registration costs is as follows (both include lunch):
Young Preachers – $50
General Registration – $25

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