Festivals and Slams

Wesleyan & Holiness
Festival of
Young Preachers
February 1-2, 2018

Northwest Nazarene University,
Nampa, Idaho

East Tennessee
Festival of
Young Preachers
April 22, 2018

First Baptist Church,
Knoxville, TN

Issachar (IC3) Conference
Festival of
Young Preachers
April 25, 2018

The Church Without Walls
Houston, TX

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Festival of
Young Preachers
June 11-15, 2018

Hyatt Regency
Dallas, TX

AoP Day
June 23, 2018

Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
Atlanta, GA

Festival of
Young Preachers
September 29, 2018

Wake Forest School of Divinity,
Winston-Salem, NC
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Festival of
Young Preachers
October 6, 2018

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary,
Austin, TX
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Festival of
Young Preachers
January 2-5, 2019

Tenth Anniversary Celebration
Atlanta, Georgia
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A Festival of Young Preachers is a trans-denominational, one-of-a-kind event designed to showcase and encourage young people who aspire to be preachers of the Gospel. The Academy of Preachers’ mission is to identify these young people while cultivating within them the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of great social and spiritual significance and is worthy of their very best.

A Festival of Young Preachers is not a competition. It is a celebration, an inspiration, an occasion of mutual edification and encouragement. Young preachers, ages 14-35, from every Christian tradition (Evangelical, Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal, and Roman Catholic) are encouraged to preach at a Festival precisely as they would in their home environment: dress, text, voice, style, substance, whatever! This diversity has proven to be one of the most transformational elements about the gathering.

A sample of this broad constituency can be viewed on our AoP YouTube channel where many of the sermon videos are posted; click here to locate the sermon video of those who preached in previous National Festivals of Young Preachers.

The National Festival also includes plenary worship, master classes, exhibits, music, prayer circles, and a banquet we call PREACHAPALOOZA. The closing service is known as The Great Amen and features the reading of the Covenant of Gospel Preaching.

Read here more information about our Preaching Festivals along with the guidelines for preaching at a National or Regional Festival of Young Preachers.

 Want to host your own Festival?
A “Festival in a Box” is a toolkit designed to walk you through every aspect of planning such an event. It is available ($200) to any person or organization eager to encourage Young Preachers by hosting a Festival of Young Preachers. To learn more about hosting a Campus or Denominational Festival, please contact Debbie Moody.