Young Preachers

Preacher Feature: Micah Spicer

Micah Spicer firmly believes that the most important way to become a better preacher is through experience. “Reading books about preaching, while they offer helpful...
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Young Preachers as Entrepreneurs

“I never realized ministerial work could be entrepreneurial,” said Joshua Payne, AoP’17 as he sat in a workshop at the National Festival of Young Preachers....
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An Academy Like No Other

By Joseph T. Howard, AoP’12 What began as a dream after seeing a video on YouTube has blossomed into one of the most important things...
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Ripple Effect

By Brittney Stephan, AoP’14 When I think of the impact that the Academy of Preachers has had on my life, an illustration comes to mind. ...
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Four Regional Festivals in 2015

Regional Festivals for Young Preachers will be held in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Texas during 2015 with the preaching theme HEAVEN & EARTH. Green Lake...
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