AoP ’12 Class

The Class of 2012 (AoP ’12), numbering 73, ¬†was inducted into the Academy of Preachers on January 5, 2012 during the “Great Amen” at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville, Kentucky. As of January 2014, AoP membership numbers 425 (those who have preached at least once in a National Festival of Young Preachers between 2010 and 2014).

Preachers Thursday652 300x200 AoP 12 Class

Mark Baker
Bryan Barnett
Wallis Baxter
Joseph Beaves
Tyler Best
Willie Bodrick
Lyvonne Briggs
Rachel Brocker
Krystal-Joy Calwile
Addison Canidy
Aaron Carr
Rodney Carter
Sam Chinn
Tamarkus Cook
Devon Crawford
James Cray
Kevin Daniels
Paul Daniels II
Carlene Demiany
Quardricos Driskell
Johannes Duckeck
Julian Earl
Brandon Elerby
Matt Eversole
Joniel Forysthe
Kyle Fuller
Laurent Grosvenor
Noah Hall
Dexter Hedgepeth
Kristina Heise
Caleb Hetrick
Elaine Holmes
Joseph Howard
Jessica James
William Jean
Ronnie Johnson
Kori Jones
Randy Jones
David Kennebrew
Ezeckiel Kepeula
Jason Ketz
Julie Gallagher Klueve
Cody Knapik
Richard Martin
Anna McWhorter
Rashad Moore
Bolaji Ogunsola
Noelle Owen
Donte Paul
Karen Powell
Winford Rice
Natashia Roy
Demond Royce
Evan Sherar
Jake Sims
Justin Sizemore
David Smith
Ja’Cori Smith
Wesley Spears
Alan-Michael Sprinkle
Scott Stevens
Christian Stewart
Trayce Stewart
Kelsey Stillwell
Perion Strong
David Telfort
Keith Turner
Thayer Wallace
Kadri Webb
Caleb Wheat
Ben Wiley
Richard Williams, Jr.
Stephen Williamston, Jr.
William Wilson
Tiffany Wood
Austin Wright
Gary Young

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