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Website GeneralPhoto graphics 081 150x150 Funding Your Festival The Academy of Preachers encourages all Young Preachers participating in the National Festivals of Young Preachers to explore all avenues of support in order to attend the Festival.

Begin with your mentor. Ask him or her to advise you and assist you in identifying funds for your registration, accommodations, meals, and travel.  This is an important aspect of being a mentor or coach.

Ask your Sponsoring Church or Institution to provide financial assistance to offset the cost of the event. A Sponsoring Church or Institution may be willing to pay a portion or all of your costs.

Many schools and some denominations are choosing to help their young preacher attend the National Festival. Likewise, a home congregation is often enthused about supporting a Young Preacher from their church.

You may also choose to ask friends and family to support you financially as you prepare to attend a Festival. Let them know of your passion for preaching and your intent to attend the Festival of Young Preachers through phone calls, letters, and updates on Facebook or other social media sites.

Website GeneralPhoto graphics 04 150x150 Funding Your Festival Some scholarship funds have been donated to the Academy of Preachers to support Young Preachers who demonstrate a significant financial need and who cannot secure the financial support of their Sponsoring Church or Institution. These scholarships are very limited and generally are only offered to first time participants.   The Scholarship Form is available for download here.

Please complete this form and return to the Academy of Preachers at no later than November 1 for consideration for the National Festival in January.

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