May 1, 2012

By Dwight A. Moody

Dwight Headshot 150x150 WERE LISTENING TO YOU We are listening to you and learning from you…that is, if you (our Young Preachers) will respond to the National Festival assessment that was emailed to you last week.

The Academy of Preachers has contracted with professionals at the University of Wisconsin to design and distribute a survey that has been shared with all Young Preachers who participated in the 2012 National Festival. We need each of you to take five minutes and complete the online assessment. The feedback we receive is critical to our success. We want to know what you truly think about the Festival. What difference does it make if Young Preachers gather to preach, listen, coach, and inspire one another?

What we learn is important to us as well as the partners and donors who support and share in our work. We believe Campus, Regional, and National Festivals are important. We believe our mission to Identify, Network, Support, and Inspire young people in their call to Gospel Preaching is critical to the future of both the Christian community and the social life of Americans.

But what do YOU think?

This assessment is completely private: we do not know who responds how and cannot connect responses with respondants, so be as frank and honest as you can be. We want the truth and we can handle the truth!



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