Are you a time teller or a clock builder?

April 24, 2012

By Kate Bringardner

mg 2753 2 Are you a time teller or a clock builder?

Yesterday in the midst of a Vocal Dynamics Training one of the attendees made this comment:

“It’s like when someone asks you the time; do you tell them the time or do you build them a clock?”

Answering questions clearly and concisely is the mark of a confident and knowledgeable speaker. You can easily lose your audience by giving answers that are too long, unnecessarily detailed or provide too much of a lead-up.

Be a Time-Teller:

Focus on answering the question that has been asked.

If you don’t know, be honest and tell the Questioner you’ll be glad to find the answer and follow-up.

Pay attention to your audience, if their attention starts to wander it’s time to move on!

Kate Bringardner is a Vocal Dynamics coach and consultant based in Louisville, Kentucky. Kate has provided voice training and coaching to a host of professionals (including preachers) and most recently led a workshop on “Preaching a Better Sermon” at the 2012 National Festival of Young Preachers. Today, we share her “Tip of the Week.” Click here for more tips from Vocal Dynamics for Professionals. 



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