Festival Registration Is Open

April 16, 2012

By Dwight A. Moody

Dwight Headshot 150x150 Festival Registration Is Open  Registration for the 2013 National Festival in Atlanta and the 2012 Texas Regional Festival in Austin, Texas opened on April 1st, and I am glad to report that nine young people have already signed up to attend the National Festival (leaving 107 preaching slots available) and two have registered for the Regional Festival (leaving 34 preaching slots available).

Of the nine who have established their plans to preach at the 2013 National Festival, eight are in school; and of these schools, five are institutions heretofore unrepresented at any National Festival, including Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago and Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. These nine young preachers hail from eight states: New Jersey, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

Both registrants for the Texas Regional Festival are Texas residents. This does not surprise us, but I must assert that all Regional Festivals (the one in Texas in September and the one in Indiana in November) are open to any and every Young Preacher between the ages of 14 and 28.

You can register today and reserve your spot as a Young Preacher at either of these events by completing the online registration for these two Festivals on our website.

These Festivals help the Academy of Preachers in our mission to Identify, Network, Support, and Inspire young people in their call to Gospel preaching. This year’s Preaching Theme is Gospel and the City. We have identified 24 recommended texts from the Bible organized under the rubrics of Preaching Gospel in the City, Finding Hope in the City, Making Home in the City, and Doing Justice in the City.

We invite you to select a Festival, register, and begin preparing your sermon based on this theme today!



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