AoP Receives Lilly Grant

December 16, 2014

By Dwight Moody

Dwight A. Moody The Academy of Preachers has received a new grant from the Lilly Endowment of Indianapolis. The grant of $798,000 covers three budget years, from 2014 through June of 2017.

This is the 4th grant received by the AoP. The first came in 2008 in partnership with St. Matthews Baptist Church in Louisville; the second and third came in 2010 and 2012 in collaboration with Middletown Christian Church, also in Louisville. This one comes directly to the Academy of Preachers, now fully organized, incorporated, and operating from the campus of Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington (150 East High Street, 40507).

The Lilly Endowment grant expresses their confidence in our mission, our programs, and our future. We are delighted to be in partnership with the Endowment; their standards of accountability and reporting are high and push us to be our best.

Grants constitute one of six revenue streams for the Academy of Preachers. Others are gifts from friends and patrons. Our donor base is small but growing and this will need to increase as our dependence upon the Lilly Endowment decreases. We are in the midst of a donor drive now, seeking 92 donors who will give at least $5 a month through an automatic bank transfer. No fees are involved, and this is our best strategy for long term flourishing. See the SUPPORT page on this web site if you wish to participate.

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All set for Dallas

December 11, 2014

By Dwight Moody

MOody head shot, 2014Three weeks from today I will land in Dallas, Texas, for the 2015 National Festival of Young Preachers.

At least 120 Young Preachers, 37 exhibitors, dozens of mentors, conveners, sermon evaluators, master teachers, and friends and family will swell the gathering to 400 people. It promises to be a wonderful four days in Dallas.

Among the things I am anticipating the most are:

  • leading a Master Class on “Finding Your Story” with my daughter, Kate Bringardner;
  • teaming up yet again with Everett McCorvey and his American Spiritual Ensemble;
  • introducing the new book of 2014 Festival sermons, “Questions of the Soul:”
  • attending worship at the Highland Park United Methodist Church’
  • greeting 80 Young Preachers attending their first National Festival;
  • meeting with representatives of our first nine AoP chapters; and
  • inviting people to come to the 2016 Festival in Lexington!
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giving tuesday

November 30, 2014

By Dwight Moody



The 2015 National Festival of Young Preachers will convene in Dallas in one month. Are you registered?

Many of the key elements are in the final stages of development:

  • PREACHAPALOOZA magazine and program is almost finished
  • The new book of sermons, “Whispers in the Dark” is at the printers
  • All the plenary preachers and master teachers are secured and prepared
  • The chartered bus, The AoP Express, is collecting riders
  • More than 100 Young Preachers are preparing their Festival sermons
  • QR92 donor medallions have been designed and ordered

We need your help in these final days of preparation:


Giving is on my mind today.

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Ride The AoP Express to Dallas!

November 18, 2014

By Dwight Moody

AoPExpressA chartered bus dubbed The AoP Express will leave Lexington at 4pm on January 1 bound for the 2015 National Festival of Young Preachers in Dallas, Texas.

Any young preacher, mentor, volunteer, exhibitor, or friend of young preachers registered for the National Festival may ride the bus. Call 859-949-1000.

Cost for this round trip is only $50, payable when you step on the bus. The only other cost are two meals en route.

Pick up stops are scheduled for Louisville, Elizabethtown, and Bowling Green, all in Kentucky, and Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee. The complete schedule coming and going is below.

This will help all of our Kentucky and Tennessee friends get to Dallas in an affordable way, and it will allow this same cohort to present a warm COME TO KENTUCKY IN 2016 invitation to the entire Festival in Dallas.

Lv. from Calvary Baptist Church, Lexington 4:00 PM
Arrive Middletown, KY 5:15 PM
Lv. Middletown, KY 5:30 PM
Arrive Elizabethtown, KY 6:30 PM
Lv. Elizabethtown, KY 6:46 PM
Arrive Bowling Green, KY 7:00 PM
Lv. Bowling Green, KY 7:15 PM
Arrive Nashville, TN 8:15 PM
Lv. Nashville, TN 9:15 PM
Arrive Memphis, TN 12:15 AM
Lv. Memphis, TN 12:45 AM
Arrive Little Rock, AR 2:45 AM
Lv. Little Rock, AR 3:00 AM
Arrive Greenville TX 7:00 AM
Lv Greenville TX 8:00
Arrive Dallas Hotel 9:00 AM

Lv. Dallas, TX 2pm
Arrive Little Rock, AR 8pm
Lv. Little Rock, AR 8.15pm
Arrive Memphis, TN 10.30pm
Lv. Memphis, TN 10.45pm
Arrive Nashville, TN 1.45am
Lv. Nashville, TN 2am
Arrive Bowling Green, KY 3am
Lv. Bowling Green, KY 3.15am
Arrive Elizabethtown, KY 5.30am
Lv. Elizabethtown, KY 5.45am
Arrive Middletown, KY 6.45am
Lv. Middletown, KY 7.45am
Arrive Lexington, KY 9am


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Master Classes at the Festival

November 13, 2014

By Wyndee Holbrook

Joel Gregory Ð portrait Ð Truett Ð 06/13/2014Dr-Beecher-900_DSC4665kena-kwasi-large (mag)






The AoP is proud to present these extraordinary homileticians with great thanks to these sponsoring institutions: Perkins School of Theology, Truett Theological Seminary, Wesley Seminary (IWU) and Wesley Seminary (Washington, DC).

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General Graphic150x150 150x150 National Festival Buzz

Here are a few of the responses from Young Preachers about who they are and why they’re coming to the 2014 National Festival of Young Preachers in Indianapolis, IN Jan. 2-5.

I am called to be a pastor of a church. I love mix match socks and diet coke. I’m excited to participate in the Festival of Young Preachers for another year. Last year was so much fun and I made wonderful friends so I am excited for another year. – Jamie Fitzgerald AoP’13 First Registrant for 2014 National Festival

The AoP is hands down the most diverse Christian organization I know of. I come to the festival to hear a staggeringly broad array of voices from contexts and traditions that are not my own. I come to engage in this substantive sharing of ourselves. – Aaron Carr AoP’12

I am a Catholic seminarian with a men’s religious community called the Congregation of Holy Cross. As it stands, I will be ordained to the diaconate in one year and to the priesthood in two. I want to attend this conference in order to hone my identity as a preacher. – Chase Pepper

I want to attend the Festival because I am always looking for anyway to enlarge my mental capacity to be a more efficient and more effective way to make the GOSPEL tangible and relevant to all believers and non-believers.
- Jason Knight

I am a school of theology student training to be a preacher of God’s Word and seeking to grow in maturity of speech and action. I have been to the festival before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! – Noah Blackburn AoP ‘13

I strive daily to fulfill the purpose God has planned for my life. I attend the festival as a student of preaching, that I may continue to become better in the preaching moment. – Antonio Redd AoP ‘13

My reason for attending this gathering of youth preachers is because I believe that this will help me further my ministry. I believe that God has allowed me to come across the organization to help me develop lifelong connections with other preachers of the faith. – Nicholas Ross

I pastor a small congregation in Northwest Iowa. I have chosen to come back and preach again because I am excited to see and hear what God is doing through other young preachers like myself. – Tyler Whipkey AoP ‘11

— National Festival Buzz